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Making a difference in the fight against breast cancer
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Making a difference in the fight against Breast Cancer

Pink Ribbon Fundraising


Pink Wings is proud to present our website;

Over the years, Pink Wings founder and owner, Courtney Zinszer, her family, and Team Pink Wings have participated in many fundraising walks for cancer. In the year 2015, Courtney will participate in her 14th Breast Cancer 3-Day 60- mile walk. Courtney's team Pink Wings was the #3 team for fundraising at the Boston 3-Day in 2009 raising nearly $48,000 and then in 2010 Pink Wings was the #1 team for fundraising at the Chicago 3-Day raising nearly $88,000!! Courtney and her family also participate every year in the Race for the Cure, American Cancer Society Relay For Life 24 hour event, Take- A- Hike for Breast Cancer, Revlon Run/Walk for Women’s Cancers, Walk for the Cause, and countless other Breast Cancer Awareness events. As it has become more and more difficult to raise funds for these events by asking for donations, Courtney decided to find other ways to raise the money. Her 10-year old daughter Sedona cut off 16” of her beautiful thick hair and donated it to Locks of Love to raise over $2,000 for a Relay for Life, but that can’t be done every year.

What can be done every year is the sale of Pink Ribbon items for fundraising and to raise breast cancer awareness everyday. Pink Wings has come up with over 125 original great quality custom Cloisonne pin and key chain designs. Many of these items can be purchased below wholesale pricing to maximize your fundraising. We also have beautiful pink ribbon scarves, cell phone charms, lanyards, stretch bracelets, earrings, rubber ducks, and our exclusive Pink Wings pink ribbon bandana at fundraising prices.

Please check out our new site:

Many of our popular pink ribbon pins, keychains, crystal ribbon charms, earrings and silicone bracelets now come in teal.

With the sale of pink ribbon, teal ribbon (Ovarian Cancer) or purple ribbon (All cancers/ Relay for Life/ Domestic Abuse) items, you will be reaching your fundraising goal in no time! Any unsold product may be returned for credit to purchase other Pink Wings items. Click on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to learn more about this fantastic program!

This is what our customers are saying:


Hi. I ordered 3 brunette angels pins. They are very important to me as my daughter passed away from breast cancer, diagnosed while pregnant. She left
a 1 1/2 yr. old daughter and a preemie son. Would like them for myself and my two grandchildren. My cancer came back at the same time and I had to have a double mastectomy while my sweet daughter was dying. Very heart breaking. I am so happy I have found your site. It is great.




You out did yourself again!!!
Love the custom pins and key chains!!!
Thank you,

The Rock Inn
Lake Hughes, California


I received my order and the pins are so beautiful.
I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year
I will have to order additional pins at a later date.




Subject: Pins

I received my Pins today and I just want to say thank you for honoring you're 3 for $20 price that you had at the Philadelphia walk. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you again. I've been telling a lot of people about this website and I know I will be ordering more from it.



"If anyone is trying to raise money and wants a good item to sell to people, PinkWings is the way to go! I have been working with Courtney for the last three years and she is just wonderful to work with, with shipping items very quickly and having great products for purchase. And having a fundraising account so you buy at cost and sell for whatever you want.

One of our team members made a profit of almost $1000 just by offering pins for sale to friends, family and co-workers. I'm always waiting for the new pins to come out so I can get more (yes, they're addictive too).

Give Courtney at PinkWings a try if you are not getting the donations you need. You'd be surprised at how much money you can raise and people get a fun pin in exchange for their donation. "

Michelle N.-Team Captain


"Good Morning Courtney!
Can you believe it! We already need more stuff, even after seeing you yesterday. I've sold all the sandal charm necklaces and Tammy has an order from her boyfriend's friend. AND, we have already reached 31 team members and $1,710 in donations on the website, not including off-line. Including both, we are already over $2,000. We don't usually achieve those kinds of numbers until March when we really start to push. I know for certain that selling PinkWings has really generated a lot of excitement and $$$!!
Anyway, I'll start accumulating orders today and tomorrow and will let you know what we need.
Thanks and have a wonderful day!!"

The Ezralow Company

"Hey Girlie!! Guess what?! Your Angel Survivor pin is a HUGE hit here!!
LOL. I NEED MORE The Bunco Pin (Martini Ribbon) is getting a lot of
attention as well!!"

Avon Walk For Breat Cancer
San Francisco

"I received my first order of pins today and I just want to say THANK YOU so very much for the great service!! :) :) I LOVE THE PINS!! Whoever designed them and the ones that I am ordering now is a great designer.
Again, THANK YOU for such great service & pins!!"


"Thanks Courtney. The last batch I ordered were a HUGE hit with The Weekend to End Breast Cancer walkers. Keep up the awesome work."


"I wish I could have purchased more pins, but you had so many people at your table."

Kansas City, MO

"I attended the Breast Cancer conference for Young Women in Costa Mesa last Saturday and bought some things from you there. You have a wonderful selection of pink ribbon items."

Pink Ribbon Club Foundation
September 25, 2005

"It was a pleasure to talk with you on the phone. You sound like a very interesting lady and you should be proud of all that you have overcome and even more proud of what you are doing for other women's battle against Breast Cancer.
I am enclosing this scarf as a gift to you. You are a survivor and even more than that you are reaching so many other women so that they can hopefully be a survivor also."


My 3 reasons
My reasons to raise money .....
Daughters Sienna-12, Sedona-21 (she carries the BRCA2 gene mutation that I have),
my son Slayton (men get breast cancer too) myself (a 2-time survivor) and my daughter Sage-12


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